Hire Faster, More Collaboratively, and with Greater Transparency

TalentWall is a team-centric candidate management and visualization tool

  • Colors show activity
  • Drag candidates from stage to stage
  • Filter by user, department, tags, source
  • Data syncs with Greenhouse!

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What Our Users Say

“TalentWall has completely replaced my use of Trello. 100% certain this is an incredibly useful, simple tool for recruiters and hiring managers.”

— Griffin Weston, Technical Recruiter @DigitalOcean

“We transformed into an agile talent acquisition team overnight thanks to TalentWall”

— Erin Wilson, Talent Engineer and Founder @hirepool.io

“TalentWall almost immediately changed the way my team interacts with hiring managers and executives ... Instead of starting the conversation at ‘what does our pipeline look like’ we can look at our wall together and start the conversation at ‘why does our pipeline look this way’ or ‘what do we need to do next’.”

— Elizabeth Fierman, Recruiting Talent Manager @Hudl


Cycle Time
  • Identify bottlenecks in your pipeline
  • Quickly understand hiring team priorities
  • Reduce friction from candidate management
Candidate Experience
  • Focus on priority candidates, such as referrals
  • Avoid candidates getting lost in the shuffle
  • Smooth handoffs between recruiters and coordinators
  • Pipeline visibility for the whole team
  • Hiring Managers and Executives have a constant pulse on the overall health of candidate pipeline
  • Get distributed teams on the same page
  • Share knowledge around candidate situations as a team

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